A watchword ... Safety!

In the current context of increasingly important risk and quality control, the French energy and petrochemical sector, has taken a leading European and worldwide role in a number of projects. The rising use of non-destructive testing is one key to this success.

Be it question of nuclear, fossil or renewable energies, production/extraction materials and structures must be tested throughout their life cycle.

Many tests are conducted on fabricated parts immediately after production, from penetrant testing (e.g. of parts/components) to eddy current testing (e.g. of parts/components) via magnetic particle testing (e.g. of parts/components), ultrasonic testing (e.g. of parts/components) and acoustic emission testing (e.g. of parts/components).

Miscellaneous maintenance cycles are applied during use to ensure that structures and installations maintain their strength over time and thus ensure optimum quality and operator safety at all times. Once again, the entire range of NDT is required.