from 3/12/23
to 3/15/23

8th Middle East NDT Conference & Exhibition

The 8th Middle East Nondestructive Testing Conference & Exhibition will be held at the Gulf Convention Centre, Gulf Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain from 12-15 March 2023.

The theme of this conference is “Quality Enhancement through Digital Transformation”. This theme will focus on digitalization in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0). The digital transformation is being adopted throughout the industry to enhance quality and provide significant improvements in productivity and asset value. It also opens new business opportunities and accelerates technology development in the fields of data analytics, remote monitoring and UAVs & robotics. Advancements in digital technologies will also play a major role in education, training, qualification and certification. However, the implementation of these concepts require an upgrade in the infrastructure of instrumentation and communication throughout older facilities. Often these upgrades are costly and require massive investment as early adopters of these concepts have found. A balanced approach that weighs cost-benefit relationship for each scenario is necessary before making costly decisions to implement these concepts.

The Middle East region, in particular, the Gulf Cooperation Council states (GCC), which has been established as the world’s capital of reliable energy and critical source for the sustainability of the world economy is facing major challenges to maintain aging assets and to ensure their reliability. In addition, this region is enjoying a period of rapid growth and massive investment in infrastructure. Sustaining energy production & growth is a challenge and equipment reliability and integrity are critical. IR4.0 will play an essential role to ensure reliable operation and to meet the ever increasing world energy demands.

The American Society for Nondestructive Testing ASNT Saudi Arabian Section & Bahrain Society of Engineers are once again joining hands to launch the 8th Middle East Nondestructive Testing Conference & Exhibition from 12-15 March 2023 at the Gulf Convention Centre, Gulf Hotel, Kingdom of Bahrain. The last conference held in September 2015 which received an overwhelming response. More than 100 technical papers were presented and 4 of the most distinguished International Keynote Speakers delivered presentations on the latest advances in the field of NDT. The conference was attended by over 500 delegates, and was supported by 22 sponsors, 52 exhibitors, and recorded over 1500 footfall in the exhibition.

This conference offers a unique venue for NDT professionals to interact, share and exchange experiences of inspection challenges and to explore the latest NDT technologies. This conference is a world class venue to share best practices, success stories and proven technologies by presenting technical papers and to demonstrate the most recent state-of-art NDT technologies. In addition, distinguished international keynote speakers, experts and professionals in the field of NDT will participate in this high caliber conference through presentations, seminars and workshops. The conference has also proved to be an excellent recruitment vehicle of international talent. Major regional and international companies and organizations have played a significant role in the success of the conference.