du 01/04/20
au 03/04/20

WAM 2020 - Workshop on Additive Manufacturing

Following the great success of WAM 2018, we're ready to welcome you for the next edition: WAM2020 - which will bring forward even more industrial solutions from our European large scale research infrastructures!

From process qualification until component certification, additive manufacturing presents big challenges as a new field of material processing with multiple new parameters. Therefore, new insights concerning characterisation are envisaged for process and component standards and certification, as well as for experimental benchmark input for modellings.

European large installations ILL and ESRF offer a common frame for additive manufacturing industrial investigations, where unique static (scanning) and dynamic (in-situ) studies on stresses and imaging, from the nanometre until several centimetres range, are possible.

WAM2020 will be hosted by the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) located on the European Photon and Neutron (EPN) campus in Grenoble, France.

More informations : https://workshops.ill.fr/event/196/

Contact : industry@ill.eu / +33 (0)4 76 20 71 04