Multi-sectoral and interprofessional confederation

The missions are split between competence hubs and bring together members representing the various branches of NDT professional and expert activities.

Every hub has an Executive Committee supported by commissions, committees and working groups.

There are more than 350 volunteers working to promote NDT through COFREND.

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  • List the socio-economic problems of the NDT environment;
  • Defend the interests of all players in the professional field;
  • Anticipate the needs of the NDT sector: professions, training, standards and legislative constraints.


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COFREND has been accredited by COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee) according to standard EN ISO 17024 since 1996 (accreditation no. 4-0007 rev.8, coverage available on www.cofrac.fr) and by the French Ministry of Environment, Energy and Sea, which is in charge of international climate relations and certifies and qualifies personnel carrying out non-destructive testing according to standard ISO 9712. It has the role of defining and managing the national system for certifying and qualifying the expertise of these personnel whilst encouraging education and training.

As a certification body, it also makes the national system coherent, effective and efficient in conjunction with its European counterparts.

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COFREND encourages and coordinates the development of research and exchanges of scientific experiences and information both in France and abroad. Focused on strategic NDT topics, the Working Groups comprise several members split according to techniques or methods. The work can culminate in:

  • Normative recommendations,
  • New COFREND certification projects,
  • Publication of technical specifications,
  • Experts speaking at scientific conferences in France and abroad
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The Events and Communication Hub encourages the broadcasting of information through its Editorial Committee.

In support of actions by the various Confederation bodies, it organises major NDT events: seminars, exhibitions, national and international symposiums, regional conferences and days.