Professional organisation

A growing demand from different players - contractors, professional organisations, public authorities, etc. - for contacts within a professional organisation representing the NDT professions prompted COFREND to create two professional commissions in 2013 and a third in 2015.

The NDT Service Provider Commission (OPpend) created in June 2013 thus brings together all French companies on topics covering resources and skills, promotion of our professions and changing needs in the face of national issues such as EDF’s “Great Streamlining” (major investment programme).

The Training Commission (OPafend) created at the end of 2013 brings different initial and on-going training players together. The work of this commission should result, in the short term, with setting up an academic NDT programme, thereby ensuring improved visibility and a gateway for certifying industrialists and on-going training.

The Young People in NDT Commission (OPjend), created at the end of 2015, groups members from all representative sectors within COFREND. The players forming this commission have the overall mission of promoting the NDT professions to the young audience in close collaboration with the regional COFREND entities.